We, Luoyang JCB Bearing Technology Company, specialize in slewing bearing design and manufacturing industry since 1982, so we gather lots of experience for slewing bearing design and application, we supplied many slewing bearings which the quality is trustworthy and relevant technical of service for nearly a thousand of companies and manufacturers,so we won lots of praises from our customers.

The products quality is the life of our enterprise that we always adhere,without reliable product quality of the enterprise will eventually be eliminated by the market.

We regard the actual demand of customers as a point of constant attention,in particular, customers are concerned the first point is about product quality problem.

We will put make perfect products and provide customers with satisfactory application experience as our continuous goal. We are very glad to use our professional skills to provide customers with high-quality products, and hope that through continuous cooperation, enhance mutual understanding and communication, and achieve a win-win situation.



advanced design

To meet our customers’ demands, we use the advanced design software to design slewing bearing by making a modeling, and then adopt the finite element analysis method to verify and adjust the design results from the beginning of design stage to the end.

advanced equipment

Under the premise of guaranteeing product quality, advanced equipment is regarded as a fundamental, with advanced production and processing equipment such as CNC machining center and numerical control heat treatment equipment.

reliable raw materials

Raw material is the key to ensure product quality, so we choose reliable raw materials for components of the slewing bearing, such as bearing rings and balls, etc. According to the EN 10204 3.2 / 3.1 certificate, we can provide slewing ring and related products to third parties.


perfect management system
In order to ensure product quality, we have established a complete management system, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and strictly implemented the quality manufacturing system during the entire production process.
perfect testing method
A professional and strong inspection team is organized by us. In order to ensure product quality, advanced inspection equipment and perfect detection methods are adopted, and special testing machines and test stands are set up for special slewing bearings.